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Nothing But The Best

Frat House

Nothing But The Best


Nothing But The Best

Frat House

Kiss Up Kick Down

Find Company Culture Where You Belong

While working with your current team, do you ever wonder whether you are crazy or your team is crazy or both? You know that no one is wrong but it just feel that their culture is not for you. But only if you knew beforehand, you would …… You can substitute the blanks. What if we tell you that there is a way now to not to make that same mistake again when you look for your next job. Research the team and company cultures where you are thinking of applying and then make an informed decision. You can contribute back to our community knowledge base by sharing your current or previous team’s culture type. Take a quick fun quiz and answer questions about your team to find out what your team’s cultural type is.

How to use TribeTally’s services?

  • Research the teams and company cultures before you apply to them as part of your job search.
  • You can validate your own understanding whether you are a fit or not for your current team’s culture.
  • Don’t worry if you are not as you can discover teams across your industry which are a natural fit for your cultural (Tribe) type!

For Employers

Company culture is important to you and fundamental in your strategy to recruit top talent. But you also understand that it is inevitable that companies of any size ends up creating sub-cultures based on the configuration of the teams. These subcultures ultimately have huge impact on company’s overall culture and it is important to keep your finger on the pulse.  You always spend enormous amount of money and resources to engage employees to find out what’s on their mind, what they truly think about their teams and team’s work culture but can’t seem to get the ‘right’ picture. You can use TribeTally’s industry proven way of getting real insights which as employer’s HR staff, you would never be able to get through your own surveys.

What are different ways employers can use TribeTally’s services?

  • We are a resource for employees to share what they truly think about their team’s culture with complete anonymity and privacy without any fear of retaliation from employers.
  • Employees never have to share their identity or contact information.
  • Given the 100% guarantee of employee privacy, employers can use TribeTally’s surveys periodically to get ongoing snapshots/scorecards on how teams are progressing and how each organizational change is impacting teams and ultimately overall company culture.